Gerrity invests in retail properties to make them better.

We do this by making them more essential and relevant to the communities in which they are located. In order to accomplish this, we at Gerrity must understand the characteristics, needs, desires, and aspirations of the communities in which we invest. Acting on this knowledge is the core of our value-add process.

The retail properties that Gerrity invests in provide daily needs and services for their neighborhoods. Their grocery stores bring fresh goods from around the world to around the corner from their customers’ homes. Their daycare centers, dentists’ offices, yoga studios, and veterinary clinics serve deeply personal aspects of their customers’ everyday lives. Providing safe, thoughtful, equitable and even uplifting spaces for these experiences is the responsibility Gerrity is proud to fulfill. Improving the quality of these experiences so the everyday lives our customers can be made better is the heart of our company’s purpose.

The Gerrity Standard

A collection of ten initiatives that pave the way to sustainable and more equitable properties that align with the ideals of the community they are in. Upon acquisition of each property, we measure the feasibility of each of these initiatives and develop a Property Action Plan to execute them.

LED Lighting Conversion

Reducing energy consumption at our properties not only fiscally, but environmentally responsible. While we can encourage our tenants to utilize best practices within their suites, we can also lead by example by performing LED lighting conversions in parking lots and common areas.

Native Landscaping

Water is a fragile resource, particularly in many of the regions we operate in. Dated landscaping and irrigation systems can result in wasted water and system inefficiencies. Plants native to these regions are typically less reliant on constant irrigation and are resilient to the climate

Electric Vehicle Parking & Charging

Auto manufactures are dedicating more of their resources into the development of electric vehicles than ever before. Popularity of electric vehicles is on the rise as the charging infrastructure expands and barriers to entry shrink. It is our responsibility to be part of this expanding infrastructure by installing charging stations at our properties.

Installation of Recycling Receptacles

We want to seize any opportunity to reduce waste generated by our properties and promote recycling. Installing cardboard or mixed recycling receptacles is an opportunity to encourage customers and tenants to practice sustainability.

Use of Green Cleaning Materials

Many common cleaning products are filled with harmful chemicals that are not biodegradable. A low-cost, high-impact solution to this is to require our janitorial vendors to use eco-friendly green cleaning products on our properties.

Installation of Bicycle Racks

Cycling can be an ideal alternative transportation method at our properties located in more densely populated areas. We can encourage customers and tenants to ride their bicycle to our centers by providing a safe and convenient place to store their bike on-site.

Local Non-Profit Partnerships

We strive for our properties to reflect their community. A significant aspect of this is forming partnerships with local non-profits that our tenants and customers are passionate about.

Event Hosting with Local Municipalities, Charities and Businesses

We strive to amplify the voices of our communities. We can position our tenants for success by creating an engaging atmosphere at our properties.

Art Installation with Local Artists

Art installations add local character and unique appeal to an otherwise unassuming commercial shopping center.

Providing Marketing Resources to Tenants

At Gerrity, we are proud to work with so many local “mom and pop” tenants. We see it as our responsibility to use our marketing resources to support the outreach of these tenants.

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